JuiceRecipes.com was originally created from the frustration we had with finding good juice recipes online. Everything was a blog that had the longest story about how they got their grapes from the store.

Over the years, it's evolved into the powerhouse it is today and has become one of the top recipe sites for juicing.

Originally created and launched in 2013 by Brandon Jurewicz, a full-stack developer with 10+ years of experience, who is also a flavor pairing expert that developed a massive database of flavor pairings and flavor affinities from expert chefs from around the world.

Our Juicing Mission

Juicing should be easy and delicious.

It's easy to play into the public's fear these days about their health, but we're fighting against it. You won't find any pseudo-science here. We believe in facts, not fear, so if we do say anything scary, it's backed up by evidence. We also understand that some studies are funded by corporations that want the data skewed towards their products. You may find yourselves giving up on your health because everything you research turns into a fear fest. Don't let others scare you away from your health. We're not funded by any one, so we're free to pursue the facts.

Sometimes a nutrient's name is difficult to pronounce. That's okay.

Every thing is made of chemicals. That's okay.

An apple has a lot of natural sugar. That's okay.

Organic does not mean pesticide free. 'Pesticide Free' means pesticide free. That's okay, purchase what you want.

We want to give you all the tools to find healthy, delicious juice recipes, challenges that hand you a juice plan, or create your own with our juice builder that will suggest flavor pairings as you go.

We won't make you read an incredibly long story before each recipe about how our grandmother used to make us fresh cranberry juice from the cranberry farm. We're a recipe site first.

If you're new to juicing and want to learn more, take a look at our juicing page. It's our FAQ without the fear.

If you have any feedback (good or bad), contact us!

For your health!

- Juice Recipes Team