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Before you send us an email, keep in mind that we're not dietitians, nutritionists, or doctors. We don't know what the best weight loss plan is for you. If you're looking for medical advice, ask your doctor, not some random people on the internet. We can't give you medical advice. It's not allowed. If your email contains any of these things, we can't answer it.

If you have any comments, questions, love (or hate) to send us about the website, submit it using the form below.

If you have any stories about how juicing has helped your health, we'd love to hear it! It makes us feel good inside.

Some Frequently Asked Questions
If your question is answered here, we're not going to answer your email.

Can I store my juice?

Answer: Yes.

The popular belief is that juice can last for up to 72 hours in the fridge, in an airtight container. Yes, nutrients are lost overtime, but it's an extremely slow process. We're talking tiny fractions per hour, here. You're going to hear "you have to drink it right away!" but tell them they're wrong and that they can take it up with

You can also freeze your juice. Yes, really! I don't care what you heard.

Is a recipe's nutritional information for the whole recipe or per serving?

Answer: It's for the whole recipe.

In the future, we'll put in a feature to split up the recipe by servings.

How many servings per recipe?

Answer: It depends.

Some recipes (not all of them yet) have a "yield" displayed on their page. Beginner Green, for instance, has a yield of 32oz. Most people see a serving as 16oz, so that would mean it has 2 servings. If a recipe doesn't have a "yield", we're not sure yet. When we know, we'll add the yield.

Do you have an android/iphone/ipad app?

Answer: It's in the works.

We don't just want to be another crappy juice recipes app to make a quick buck (they're all terrible, let's be honest here), so we're working on making something that we hope you'll love. It'll be out when it's finished. Until then, the site looks beautiful on a mobile device.


Answer: We don't know.

Sorry, we just can't comment on diabetes because everyone is different and we're not diabetes experts and the best person to ask is someone with a degree in knowing these things.

I have a question about the 30 day challenge.

Answer: Check the FAQ on the challenge page first.

Did you look through the FAQ on the challenge page? Your question wasn't answered? Alright, go ahead and contact us.

When should I drink my juice?

Answer: Any time that isn't right before bed. It might keep you up.

There's no wrong answer here. Drink it whenever you're feeling it.

How long is a piece of string?

Answer: I don't know.

We have no idea.

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